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We produce Power Pure Sine Wave Inverters from 300W to 6000W and Portable

Power Stations from 1000W to 3000W.

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  • Portable Power Station
Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Our off-grid power pure sine wave inverters offer excellent performance in a stylish package, bringing the experience of new energy products to your home, outdoors and your RV car. Its logical and efficient design can be placed both vertically and horizontally, or mounted on a wall. Customers can choose from black/orange or black/green.

Inverter PCS


Inverter TSE


Inverter KCS


Pure Sine Wave Inverter PCB Board

Pure Sine Wave Inverter PCB Board

Looking for innovative inverter PCB for your off-grid power station?ANE-Tech is the right place where you can find all kinds of inverter PCB Board in various powers. Our PCB offer high quality drive systems.

Inverter PCBA-300W/500W

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter PCB Board

Inverter PCBA-1000W

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter PCB Board

Inverter PCS-2000W/2500W

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter PCB Board

Portable Power Station

Portable Power Station

Our portable power stations are compatible with all housewares devices. High capacity batteries support high-efficiency power. Delight customers with powerful and precise power experience today.

1000W Portable Power Station

3000W Power Station

300W Portable Power Station

2000W Power Station

200W Portable Power Station

Our Inverters in Use Scenarios 

See how our inverters and power stations keep high performance in different environments. Ane-tech’s inverters (Fchao) and power stations enhance every beat and boost your business.

Solar Energy / Home

Battery and Inverter

RV Power

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Independent research and development design
Appearance patents Technology patent
Actual output power, no falsification
High efficiency 88%~91%

Quality is the key to survival

Renewable energy sources and power inverters are extremely important in the modern world. The efficiency of the system and, ultimately, the sustainability of our energy use depend heavily on the quality of the sine wave inverter that is selected. Let’s put quality first when developing our energy strategies and choose better options for the environment.

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